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Hi everybody

Just wanted to comment on the recent goings-on in the Groop.

Nate~~ Good Job on the FAQ.

What's my collection worth? It's worth whatever you think it's worth.  If you 
are collecting something just because some book or price guide says it's 
worth a lot of money, then change hobbies.  I have a large Star Wars 
collection, and have a basic idea of what it is worth, but I would never sell 
it because I have already spent about five years of my life collecting it ( 
and Groo for three years), and that time, effort, and fun is priceless.

By the way, I was at a recent sci-fi convention in Plano, Texas, and was 
wearing my Groo hat, when some one asked me if I read Groo, and if I was 
missing any comics.  I already had a complete collection, but said I knew 
people who were looking for what he had.  he said that he mainly had some 
Pacific, with a few Marvel.  If you're interested, e-mail me and I'll tell 
you how he told me to contact him about it.

Do any Star Wars fans here plan on attending that big shin-dig they are 
having in Plano after Episode 1?  theor site said people from all over the 
world are attending, and it would be cool to meet for the first time(for me, 
at least) some of the Groop members.  I'll be wearing groo if ya do(and might 

that all i can think of