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Re: Gronkoping?

At 10:16 1999-04-14 +0200, the Knight Who Says Cheese Dip wrote:
>>Does anyone know what "Gronkoping" means?  Or is it just a nonsense word.
>Cheese Dip!
>Sounds like a nordic word to me...
>gron (w/ to dots over the o) would propably mean something like green.
>Koping (ditto on o) would mean something 'bout buying, propably marked (like
>in Kaupang). Which IMO would  make the word mean something like Greenmarked
>or Marked on the Green (meadow or whatever).

I fully agre (tm) that it is a Scandinavian name but I would also guess
that it is a Swedish name (Sweden is part of Scandinavia for those of you
who didn't know that) because of the 'o' character ('ö' för those of you
who have computer that can show multilingual characters). In both Norway
and Denmark where this character is written with a slash across it instead
of dots over it. I have searched my atlas for a Swedish town namned
'Grönköping' but haven't found it. I bet there must be at least one such
city here, it's quite a common combination of words for a city-name here.

I was pretty puzzled when I saw it because I came from Sweden and couldn't
read English that good at the time. The hidden message above I found
however and it was the first one ever for me.

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