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Stuff, stuff, and more stuff ...

Hi guys/grrls!

>~~~~~ Can anybody tell me who won FanPic II?  (It wasn't
>Bubble and I need to correct it for the HoM FAQ.

The winners are listed at:


(Plug! Plug!)

Scroll to the bottom of the Fan Pic II page.

Also, the return of Sergigrams -- Since Sergio will
attend Wondercon, if you would like to write him
a Groo Gram or letter, then I can deliver it to him
for you.  As usual, can't promise you that he'll read
your letter or that you'll get a reply.  But he usually
reads these letters on the spot.  If you'd like to
write a Groo Gram / letter, then please email it to me
by 10:00pm Thursday, April 15 (Pacific Time).  And
include in your letter "Please deliver to Sergio!" at
the top.  And it might be fun to include where you're
writing from, such as Norway, the captial of Sweden.

See you.


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