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Re: Gronkoping?

> From: Ruben 

> 	There is an interview somewhere ( I think the great Aragones Comic
> Journal one), that talks about this.  Aparently in some Scandanavian
> country, some peoples/town/city celebrate the birthday of a mythical
> town called Gronkoping.  One year, where Sergio and the MAD crew was
> there, he was made an honorary member, and he walked about the town with
> a torch and top hat.  Or something along those lines.... it's in the
> interview with a photo too.

Yes!  I remember the photo and it is from the very long, very cool The
Comics Journal No. 128 article.  Sergio has a top hat & tails over P.E.
shorts and a Groo T-Shirt and he is carrying a torch.  It says 

"While vacationing with the MAD crowd in Hjo, Sweden, Sergio donned this
festive attire and carried the Olympic Torch in celebration of the
anniversary of Gronkoting [they have a t instead of a p], a few hundred
year old mythical town of which Sergio is an honorary citizen."

I remember Sergio telling this story at a convention, but I didn't remember
the name of the town.  For one day a year they pretend to be this mythical
town and have a big festival.   Sounds like a blast. Magnus, how do you
pronounce Gronkoping?      

Take care all -Gary G.