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The Grönköping mystery...

Hi Groop!

Well, as you've all seen, there's been lots of talking about the 
Gronkoping thing. Gronkoping is a swedish town, "made-up", and just 
the place were small funny festivals like the one which Sergio 
attended to is held. 
There's some information (and pictures) about this to be found in the 
swedish version of the special #1.
For you who wan't to I can send a picture of Sergio holding his 
certificate of beeing hounorable citizien in Gronkoping (photo taken 
in his studio, Ojai, '96). 
Also, I know some people asked me to, I can send more pictures from 
the studio (including pics of statue prototypes and alot of other 
strange Groo stuff) to those who wanna see them.
Mail me and tell me if you're intrested.


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