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Re: The Grönköping mystery...

>There's some information (and pictures) about this to be found in the 
>swedish version of the special #1.
>For you who wan't to I can send a picture of Sergio holding his 
>certificate of beeing hounorable citizien in Gronkoping (photo taken 
>in his studio, Ojai, '96). 
>Also, I know some people asked me to, I can send more pictures from 
>the studio (including pics of statue prototypes and alot of other 
>strange Groo stuff) to those who wanna see them.
>Mail me and tell me if you're intrested.

Maybe you can scan them and I can put them on a webpage? And people can go
and have a look at them if they like..

About pronouncing "Grönköping", the sound is very similiar to the 'e' sound
(especially the 'e' spelled up-side-down in phonetic writing). If you
pronounce that sound and then try to make your lips form a circle and your
tounge stay at the bottom of the mouth with the tip to the lower teeths,
then you sould have an 'ö'. Maybe everybody can try and pronounce it on a
wav file, that had been fun to hear, hehe ;-)

/Magnus "linguist" Lindgren
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