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Groo News From M.E.

ME: The folks at Dark Horse announced the following this week.  Guess
what lunch box will follow on the heels of Hellboy and Bettie Page.
(And, yes, we're talking to them about a Groo watch, also...)


You've got patches, pins, lighters and, of course, T-shirts. You may
even have some comics and graphic novels. But what's left for the
discriminating Hellboy fan to spend their money on? How about lunch
boxes? OK, then how about a watch? 

Later this year, Dark Horse Comics will be debuting the first two of
their series of lunch boxes, starting with Hellboy and once-again-hip
pin-up Bettie Page. 

Both will be full-size (8" x 7" x 3 ¾") made of metal with full-color
lithographic printing, de-bossed on one side to bring out the
graphics, recreate the feel of the lunch boxes of 20 years ago. Dark
Horse Comics, which announced the products Tuesday, currently expects
them to retail for $19.95. 

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