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Re: M.E. requests a favor...

A word of caution about posting on newsgroups (Usenet).  I've posted a
few times, and used to be a regular on some, but I stopped for one very
annoying reason:  Spam mail.  I've had my adress grabbed various times
from usenet postings and used in annoying Spam e-mail lists.  So, unless
you've got some anti-spam Usenet tools (like posting with the adress:
NOSPAMyourname@isp.com, and people can just take the NOSPAM out manually
when they reply), I'd take caution.

I've recently started using DejaNews at www.dejanews.com, and they have
a way of posting messages where you won't get spam mail like you do with
'regular' usenet posts.

I hope this doesn't deter people from talking about Groo on the public
newsboards, but I just felt that I had to give my word of caution.

All best,