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Re: all this stuff

SeekDestry@aol.com wrote:

> Hi.  I have been told that to make the Groo buttons authorized, they would
> have to be free, but since it costs me money to make them (money for the
> button, scanner, postage, etc., there was only about $0.50 per button which
> would have been profit for time and computer use), they could not be free.  I
> guess I will have to withdraw the offer.  Sorry, the ones I made for my own
> personal use and for my boyfriend (he is the one who got me into Groo) turned
> out really nice.  I guess I Grooed.

	With the Groo mousepads Nate and I are doing (they'll be in the mail
this afternoon!!), I'm keeping my books tight so that any profit above
cost will go to charity (the CBLDF as per Sergio's request).  I even
shopped around and negotiated a deal to print the mousepads at bulk
discount of 40% off. I think it's the best way to maintain the integrity
and qualtiy of legit Groo items out there, while providing a special
Groo-only momento.  IMHO, of course.

All best,