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Re: M.E. requests a favor...

At 11:40 AM 4/15/99 -0700, Ruben wrote:
>A word of caution about posting on newsgroups (Usenet).  I've posted a
>few times, and used to be a regular on some, but I stopped for one very
>annoying reason:  Spam mail.  I've had my adress grabbed various times
>from usenet postings and used in annoying Spam e-mail lists.  So, unless
>you've got some anti-spam Usenet tools (like posting with the adress:
>NOSPAMyourname@isp.com, and people can just take the NOSPAM out manually
>when they reply), I'd take caution.
>I've recently started using DejaNews at www.dejanews.com, and they have
>a way of posting messages where you won't get spam mail like you do with
>'regular' usenet posts.
>I hope this doesn't deter people from talking about Groo on the public
>newsboards, but I just felt that I had to give my word of caution.

Rubens right... but here's the solution... and it works very well... there
are little 'bot' (short for robot) programs that do nothing but go through
news groups looking for email addresses to spam.

Here's the solution. If you need to put to put an email name on a news
group... put this in your email address dontspamme or nospam.


Don't do this: sac@foolarchy.com - this will bring on much unwanted spam.

Do this: sac@dontspamme.foolarchy.com - the robots can't defeat this, but a
human that want has a legitimate reason to email you, will know to remove
the 'dontspamme' part!

Okay, folks that's Shanes free geek tip for the week!

Listen to Ruben... he knows!

Shane Clarke
Dr. Clarke - a.k.a. SAC
"Can you back your smack?"
If so check it out?
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