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Re: M.E. requests a favor...

Hi Folks!  

First off, thanks to Ruben, Shane, Nate and others who are giving great
advice to computer Groo-Heads like me.  I need all the help I can get! 
Special thanks to Kevin who is in the process of teaching me how to access
those the news groups.  Now he knows how Abecadario felt  when he taught
Groo how to read!  

Nate, I wouldn't pay $20. for a Hellboy Lunchbox either.  Of course, I'd
pay $20 for a Hellboy Lunchbox with Groo on it.  In fact, I'd buy 2!  (I
eat big lunches)  

Hey, and in all of the excitement about lunch boxes, don't forget to buy
the comic!  Also, make sure your local comic book shop orders the Groo
Houndsbook for you, coming out late in May!  

Once again, several Grooper Troopers are in the Groo Grams of G&R #4. 
Congrats!  I'm green with envy.   

> From: Nate Piekos <nate@piekosarts.com>
> To: groop@groo.com
> Subject: Re: M.E. requests a favor...
> Date: Thursday, April 15, 1999 12:19 PM
>           Ruben Wrote:
> (like posting with the adress:
> >>NOSPAMyourname@isp.com, and people can just take the NOSPAM out
> >>when they reply), I'd take caution.
>          Shane Wrote:
> >Do this: sac@dontspamme.foolarchy.com - the robots can't defeat this,
but a
> >human that want has a legitimate reason to email you, will know to
> >the 'dontspamme' part!
> ~~~~ Is there an echo in here? Is there an echo in here?
> ~~~ And is this new Groo watch going to be digital or standard (? what do
> you call a watch that's not digital?)
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