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Re: M.E. requests a favor...

Dr. Clarke wrote:

> Do this: sac@dontspamme.foolarchy.com - the robots can't defeat this, but a
> human that want has a legitimate reason to email you, will know to remove
> the 'dontspamme' part!

	Capitalizing the dontspamme part would help too.  The problem with this
approach is that the 'popular' Browser packages like Netscape and
Explorer don't let you put in an adress that doesn't match what your ISP
has on record (you can put it in your 'replyto', but not 'from' in the
setup - at least my Win 3.1 version of Netscape doesn't).  I tried a
sharware program that was just for Usenet, but I found it cumbersome to
use.  I recommend going to www.dejanews.com to read and post to usenet.  

	BTW, I would pay $20 for a colorful tin box with Groo on it.  I just
like 'em that much.  The watch is probably only made with 5 bucks worth
of materials in a sweat shop overseas, but call it limited edition and
woo hoo it must be more expensive.  Ironically, they probably won't make
THAT many lunch boxes either.... but who wants a $50 limited edition
lunch box!?!

All best,