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Groopads episode 341

Hi folks:

        As you know, the groopads will be in the mail this afternoon.

        Things were just going too nicely with it all, and I was
beginning to
worry about when I would pull a Groo.  Well, as I packed the very last
set of pads up, I noticed, egads, I have one left.  I counted all the
pads before I started packaging, all my orders add up, and I've
rechecked all the packages for the correct number of pads. I cannot
figure out how I ended up with one left over!  So, if upon receipt of
your Groopads in a week or so, you find that I Grooed and didn't send
you the correct number, please let me know.  But you'll have to answer a
skill testing question -- which Pad design did I forget to put in?

However, I DID actually order two extra pads, that I wanted to offer to
some late comers or folks who missed out, or whatever. So.... I have one
of each pad design that are available.  Let me know if you're
interested, and I'll send you the appropriate order form.  If more than
2 people respond, I'll choose 2 people based on their sad story or
heroic merit or random whim or whatever.

I hope I didna' err,