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newsgroup strategies

On Thu, 15 Apr 1999, Ruben wrote:

> 	Capitalizing the dontspamme part would help too.  The problem with this
> approach is that the 'popular' Browser packages like Netscape and
> Explorer don't let you put in an adress that doesn't match what your ISP

A word to the wise here...actually that's kind of silly: why would the 
"wise" *need* any advice?? Anyway, the problem there, Ruben, is that 
those are web browsers! I really get tired of Mr. Gates trying to create 
a browser that will butter my toast as well! :) I have a knife for that. 
I *highly* recommend picking up Free Agent from Tucows. It's a VERY easy 
to use program and is SPECIALLY designed JUST FOR NEWSGROUPS. It *may* 
also let you enter a diff. address, but I'm not sure about that. It's 
freeware & a very good product, and MUCH easier to use than the web 
browser "add ons" to read GROO mail. (Knew I'd fit Groo in somewhere!!) :)