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Buxom Nude Women, or Groo

I don't know anything about newsgroups, but can't you just enter a fake email 
address into the box marked "Email address", then, in the body of your 
message type your real eddress for anyone who's interested?  Surely the bots 
don't go through the whole body of every post?  And even if they do, use the 
WORD "AT" instead of the symbol "@", like this:

My email address is DanielBron AT aol.com

I would also pay 20 bucks for a Groobox.  Actually, when Mark first annoced 
it, I thought it would be a lot more expensive.  I mean, how much could the 
clay (or whatever) in the Groo Statue "Cheese Dip?" have cost?  $2?  And it 
retailed for $175.00?  I figure that any 'speciatly' item , or an item which 
would only sell to a select group will always be overpriced.  $20 for a Groo 
lunchbox is really reasonable.

I am kind of upset with Kim.  I know she made an attempt not to reveal any 
Groo stuff, but the word "dinosaurs" kinds of gives away the ending.   Ussaly 
I would be to immune to story spillers, becaue I would have gotten a copy by 
now, but: I checked my shop yesterday (the 14th), and G&R #4 hadn't come in.  
Based on that I figued the info Gary's comic guy gave him was correct, so I 
didn't bother checking today. I can't get one tommorrow, which means I'll 
have to waituntil SATURDAY until I can get one, when they'll all probaby be 

Actually, I madder at myself than Kim.  I saw the subject line BEFORE I 
opened the email, and actually debated reading it, BUT I HAD TO KNOW!!


PS:  I thought I had overcooked my pasta tonight, but it came out pretty good.

PPS:  I got my prize from Ruben today, ad boy do I feel special.  Who knew 
the three long ardous days I took concoting my Pal -n- Drumm would pay off so 
richly?   MMMMM, my house smells nice.

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?