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Re: M.E. requests a favor...

A non-digital watch is called an analog watch. Analog being the real world
measurement representation ie measures in minute (continuous) increments rather
than zeros and ones (ons and offs) as is done in digital representation. It's
why you need a modem to help your computer communicate using the analog
telephone lines.

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PS Have you seen the Matrix? Why Not? Good story, Good acting, Fantastic special
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Nate Piekos wrote:

>           Ruben Wrote:
> (like posting with the adress:
> >>NOSPAMyourname@isp.com, and people can just take the NOSPAM out manually
> >>when they reply), I'd take caution.
>          Shane Wrote:
> >Do this: sac@dontspamme.foolarchy.com - the robots can't defeat this, but a
> >human that want has a legitimate reason to email you, will know to remove
> >the 'dontspamme' part!
> ~~~~ Is there an echo in here? Is there an echo in here?
> ~~~ And is this new Groo watch going to be digital or standard (? what do
> you call a watch that's not digital?)
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