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Re: Buxom Nude Women, or Groo

> I don't know anything about newsgroups, but can't you just enter a fake email
> address into the box marked "Email address", then, in the body of your
> message type your real eddress for anyone who's interested?  Surely the bots
> don't go through the whole body of every post?  And even if they do, use the
> WORD "AT" instead of the symbol "@", like this:

I agreed.  That's what we in malaysia do in posting political related critising
/commenting our political crisist in our anti government newsgroup.  We did this
to avoid being arrested for critising the government.  If we put the real address,
they might trace us, but they are not smart/lazy (as there are many of us) enough
to trace our IP address.  We did this to avoid receiving thretening e-mails from
Police special branch who are monitoring anti government newsgroups.

> I would also pay 20 bucks for a Groobox.  Actually, when Mark first annoced
> it, I thought it would be a lot more expensive.  I mean, how much could the
> clay (or whatever) in the Groo Statue "Cheese Dip?" have cost?  $2?  And it
> retailed for $175.00?  I figure that any 'speciatly' item , or an item which
> would only sell to a select group will always be overpriced.  $20 for a Groo
> lunchbox is really reasonable.

See, my suggestion about the Groo merchandises is not a bad idea.  When there is
Groo cartoon, there will be more Groo merchandises, and increase Groo team
motivation to produce more Groo comics which means more Groo to read.  The setback
is how can Gary collect all those Groo cartoons, buying all Groo cartoon videos?

Eric Cantona