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Re: Buxom Nude Women, or Groo

i agree with Nate..it's very rare in the world of comics to keep the same 
devoted team together for as many years as Groo has. in fact, it is the only 
such case that i am aware of. lets see, it's been (just counting back to the 
PC issues) 16 years...wow. it's that kind of dedication that makes Groo 
wonderful...a marvel to behold.. pun intended? perhaps. it is a very special 
comic, and im very happy to see it kept this way. i know most of us would 
rather have it as such, if not every month, than 
done differently.

i think..if there is no true Groo
there is no Groo,
do you?
a Groo by any other name is not the same
to be mistaken for Groo is nothing but shame.