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Re[2]: Buxom Nude Women, or Groo

so, to the folks complaining about the price of a lunch box, fess up, you're
gonna buy it anyway aren't you... 
so to set your mind somewhat at ease remember these things... 

$2 may be the cost of the tin/metal (or clay for the statue), but if they
charged you  $2, they'd make no money.. 

Sergio (and the rest) do want reimbursement for these ventures.. so their
"design fee" is worked into the cost.. 

Someone has to operate the machines that make the product...

The machines have to be set up, perhaps molds or stamps created, for something
that is limited in its market, which means we have to eat up more of the cost of
those things..

and i don't have a statue, but wasn't that probably hand painted?... 

and to top it all, is of course the limited nature of these things, which
justifies (to the maker) a price spike for the end product... 

so, thats why we the comsumer take it the rear for these little things..

egad, two posts in a week.. i maybe jeapordizing my lurker status..