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Re: FAQ Offensive?

I don't find it offensive in the slightest.  I have
been laughing at some of the things groopers have been
saying and can't wait to read the rest.  I can see,
however, how some might view it a little harsh, but
isn't it the individual who wrote the bio and not you?
 I haven't seen mine yet, so don't know if anything
will be changed or not.  I don't think Nate would do
that, would you Nate.
Anyway, I say keep up the good work so we can all
Thanks Nate,
Tony D.

--- Nate Piekos <nate@piekosarts.com> wrote:
> Hey guys, it was put forth that my FAQ in the HoM is
> a bit too harsh.  Is
> it?  It was suggested that it was written in
> typical, "Nate style" which
> might be a put off to newbies reading it for the
> first time.... should I
> change it to make it ... "nicer"?
> ~Nate

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