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Re: Buxom Nude Women, or Groo

FlounderEJ@aol.com wrote:

> ahh, but what if the merchancedise dosnt sell?  what if they say....what is
> that strang-looking person with a gord-nose??? hmmmmmmmm?
> just a thought.
> ~flounder

That's why we need Groo cartoon (computer animated)  Sergio need only draw the
initial ones, the other drawing can be  done by computer.  So Sergio an friends
can concentrate on Groo comics.  When it become a popular cartoon, there is no
problem to sell merchandises.  If it is successful, we might be reading Groo
once a month with the increase sales.  Mark might finally get paid by Sergio at
last.  Maybe some of you don't agree with me but my intention is to see Groo
successful and to read it every month.