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Hi guys/grrls!

Wondercon started today!  Sergio wasn't set up at a
table, and will only attend today (Friday).  Saw him
at the Dark Horse booth.  Gave him the Sergigram.
(There was only one letter.  From Ruben, of course.)
I said he had email from Ruben.  Sergio said, "Ruben
Arellano?", then he read the email and said to tell
Ruben that he's received his message, and that he
has a couple of items for him for the Sergio-
graphy.  Then he said that the Sergiography only
covers material printed in the U.S., right?  Not
Europe?  Anyway, he was glad to receive the email.

Also saw Mark Evanier walking around the aisles.
I think Mark and Paul Dini (from the Batman and
Superman cartoons) were at Dan DeCarlo's (of Betty,
Veronica, Josie, Melody, Pepper, Sabrina, and Cheryl
fame) table.

See ya.


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