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Re: New Computer

Hi guys/grrls!

Gary wrote:
>I'm am going to take advantage of how nice you guys
>are and ask for advice about computers.  My computer
>is an AST with 75 MHz, 8 MB of RAM, 850 MB of Hard
>Drive, and 56 K (recently upgarded) modem. OK, now
>I'll give you a chance to stop laughing.

It's better than my 50MHz 486!  :)

Well, I also have a 333MHZ Pentium II that I won in
the Lucky Supermarket Back to Skool Reward Card
sweepstakes.  Had I not won it, I would still have
my 50MHz 486 ...

>So anywho, I am ready to seriously upgrade the thing
>or just give it to Peter and buy a new one.  It
>appears I can upgrade to  300-350 MHz, 32 MB of RAM,
>4 GB Hard drive and 56 K modem for around $400  or
>get all that with a new computer for $800-$900.  My
>first question would be do you think a 4+ year old
>AFT is worth $400-500 to hang onto or would it be worth 
>the additional $400-500 to get a new one.

Hard to say.  Depends on what will be upgraded.  Just
upgrading the microprocessor alone will not work.  They
supporting chips will not be able to handle 300MHz,
and will also need to be replaced.  It English, that
means you need a new motherboard, which is essentially
getting a new computer.

>Also, is a pentium II 366processor a whole lot better
>than anAMD 3D 350?

Without question, a Pentium II is infinitely superior
to an AMD microprocessor!  Pentium II's have some of
my circuits in them!  Oh, wait a minute ... does that
make them worse?!?  Hmm ...  If your computer crashes,
sorry ...

Anyway, Intel microprocessors have 90% of the PC
market share.  AMD has 5% or less of the PC market
share.  That means that the software developers will
be writing their code around the Intel microprocessor
chip bugs, instead of the AMD microprocessor chip
bugs.  That means, theoretically, your computer should
crash less (or have more software fixes) with an Intel
microprocessor than with an AMD microprocessor.  That's
me humble opinion, anyway.  Depends on what you use your
computer for.  Most users probably will not recognize
any difference.

I was trying out the new bubblegum (or whatever they're
called) Apple MAC computers at Wondercon.  I surfed on
over to Yahoo's web site, and the guy in the booth said
"Sorry, I have to ask you to stay on our main web site.
The computer might crash if you open too many windows."

See ya.


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