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Animation, movies, FAQ, etc.

Hi Folks!

Hey guys, you don't have to worry about Groo being ruined by an animated
film or TV series.  Mark has said time and time again that if the deal
doesn't allow for the quality they demand, it won't happen.  Sergio will
supervise the animation, no matter where it is done.  Mark is recognized as
the best cartoon director in the business.  I heard some of the best voice
people in the business say so!  And of course, Sergio and Mark will
collaborate on the stories.  So there you go.  

How would I get the cartoons so one asked?  Well,  heck I'd tape them, of
course.  (For personal use in the privacy of my home)  And if Sergio & Mark
put the episodes on sale, I'd still buy them, because the tape quality is
better and lasts longer.  

As for a live action movie, Depardeau (or how ever you spell it) would be
OK, I guess.  I think Gabrielle Reese would make the best Chakaal.  She's
tall enough, athletic enough, and pretty darn good looking, although not
drop-dead gorgeous.  I would boycott the movie if one of those plasticized
silicone bimboes like Brigette Nielsen was cast.  Too bad Charlene Aragones
or Julie Newmar can't go back in time 20 years.  (Tall, athletic, AND
drop-dead gorgeous) 

Speaking of movie posts, kudos to Tim Collins !!!  "Epic in scope, etc...."
 I loved it!  Good thing Groo hasn't been published by some others.  
"...guarenteed to give you Vertigo..."  

On the subject of Lunch boxes, I was hoping for a lunch box shaped like
Groo's head.  It would be cool.  You could fit the thermos inside his nose!

I don't understand why anyone thinks Nate's FAQ is in poor taste or a
little harsh.  I went back a re-read it and it has virtually none of the
edginess that I associate with Nate's writing.  And that edginess is
usually right on point anyway! The only change I would make is to refer to
Mark as the Co-writer of Groo, not the writer.  In all but a few cases
(where Mark is actually given full "Written by" credit), the writing is

Re: the Movie "The Matrix"  I've heard it's good.  But I'd rather watch
Jackie Chan do stuff almost as unbelievable as the stuff in the trailer for
"The Matrix" without the use of special effects or stunt men.  

Have a good weekend everyone!  Take care -Gary G.