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Oh, the glory.

The Groop sure is quiet today.  I guess it's 'cause you've all been stunned 
into silence by the fact that I WAS PRINTED IN GROO FOR A SECOND TIME!!  
W-OOOOOO H-OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  First Image #9, now G&R #4, it's like winning a 
triathalon, with only two events and a lot less exercise! And yes, Mark was 
so respectful of my writing-to-comics-editors abilities that he failed to 
respond to my letter with a patented (TM) snide re-Mark.

Now on to the things that might possibly interest people other than me:

G&R #4:  It was a satisfying ending to a great story.  I love Groo!  A little 
sappy in the moral deparment, but that's jes' th' way I likes it. 

And sorry to anyone I spilled the beans to in my last email containing the 
"D-word".   I've checked this email thouroughly (execpt for those parts which 
follow this), and I don't think I've given anything new away.

-TGD (just call me Two-Prints) 

PS: Cluster Monkeys Abound

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?