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Re: Shanes' Treasures...

> I want to be the first to boast the Most Complete Groo Card Collection.
> all I'm missing is one last IG Card. Because you see, I love to tease
Gary with > that ellusive "You Have 1 of 50 Original Groo
> Sketch Cards" that I have in my set. (Ha Ha Ha Gary!) 

Fine, Shane!  Be that way!  Rub it in unmercifully!!  Next thing you know,
That Guy Daniel will be lording it over me that he's had TWO letters
published in Groo-Grams recently and I haven't had one published since
1987!!!  Well I say "Ha!" to you Dr. Smarty Pants Clarke!  Ha! and Double
Ha!!!  Because I don't really CARE that I don't have an Original Groo
Sketch Card, that I'll probably never get one,  and that I
will....will...n-n-n-never have c-c-c-compl-pl-plete Groo C-C-Card
!!! Where are those damn tissues!  (sniff, sob, HONK, sniff sniff wipe) 
btw, Shane I hate you. (sob, Honk! wipe.)   -Gary (sniff) G.  

> But, I'm at a loss.
> The complete set would also include an autographed card also, would it
> So, do I hunt for an autographed card or do I just take a single card to
> Sergio and ask him to autograph it for me becuase I'm suffering a strange
> "obsessive" disease about obtaining as much Groo stuff as possible.
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