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Re: New Computer/Groo.com

~~~~ Some of us like PCs, Some of us like MACS... let's let the bloated
corpse of that debate lie by the side of the road........ (there's a
pleasant image... go ahead... nudge it with your toe...you know you wanna...)

In other news the Grooteam working on the facelift of Groo.com seems to
have reached a design decision as to the overall layout and aesthetic of
the site..... we've also come to the decision that we won't release the URL
to our testing grounds.  When it's all done Josh Jones will make the
switchover and you'll be able to see everything then.  (which could be a
while... we're taking it slow, there's a lot to do and we wanna do it
right. We're gonna add some things, remove some things and rearrange some
too.)  I can tell you that ME has seen the work in progress, approved, and
has offered to do a regular GROO update.  Although I'm not sure who's going
to take care of the maintenance of that yet.  That's all for now.

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