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I'm back did anyone miss me?

Hi Groop!

(And the groop answers with a loud chorus of "Hi" right back)

I know I've never been the most prolific of the Groop members, but just in 
case any one thought I had gotten disinterested or otherwise left the groop, 
I haven't.

I have just been gone for the past three weeks.  I really wish I could have 
been there for the Awards presentation.  Thanks to Taranto and his men for 
filling up the seats for me and my wife.  I am still in the middle of wading 
through the 955 posts in my mailbox but thought that I should take the time 
to congratulate all the winners (a little late, but its the thought that 
counts) and to say thanks and job well done to the academy.  I have just read 
the commentary for the awards today and it sounds like I missed quite a show. 
 I hope to read the chat archive soon to find out even more goodies.  
Hopefully when I finish reading all that backlog I can post with a little 
more regularity.  

So if everyone can just do me a favor and not post a thing for the next two 
or three days I should be able to catch up (wishful thinking, but I am a 
Toker as any Grooper can plainly see).

Cheese Dip for everyone, on me