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Re: Shanes' Treasures...(part 2)

Shane wrote:

> But, I'm at a loss.
> The complete set would also include an autographed card also, would it
> So, do I hunt for an autographed card or do I just take a single card to
> Sergio and ask him to autograph it for me becuase I'm suffering a strange
> "obsessive" disease about obtaining as much Groo stuff as possible.

You should just get Sergio to sign a card at San Diego.  Since there is no
way to tell the difference from one pulled out of a pack and there are too
many unscrupulous dealers and big fat liars out there, you would only know
you actually had one pulled from a pack if you got it from someone you
trusted or pulled it out yourself.  (Hmmm.  Shane wants to be the first in
the Groop to have a complete Groo card, set, eh? Regulars, IG's, Signed,
and Sketch cards..and he's got one of the 50 sketch cards. Hmmm.)  

Actually Shane, for get what I just said.  You MUST get a signed card that
has been pulled out of the pack.  One signed by Sergio at a convention
won't do.  And since there is no way to tell them apart, the only way you
can do that is to pull it out of a pack yourself.  Yup! That's it.  You
better start looking for unopened packs.  Good luck!  (heh, heh, heh)   
-Gary "Sorry about 4 posts in one day" G.