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Got to see and talk to Mark Evanier at Wondercon in Oakland, California this 
afternoon.  He graciously signed my Groos, Fanboy, and DNAgents, a recent 
acquistion!  He also stated that would be willing to sign any books that are 
sent to him, and would get Sergio to sign them for return postage!  What a 
nice offer!  Hopefully, Mark will confirm this offer, when he gets home from 
the convention!  I identified myself as a Groop member; Mark stated I was the 
first one he had meet at the show!  He stated the new Sergio/Mark comic is 
going to a science fiction project with all-new characters.  I remember him 
saying that it was too far in the future, probably before San Diego!  He 
talked a little about animation and groo figures, but no specifics.  A good 
time was had by all, I found several books to fill holes, including extending 
my Amazing Spiderman collection deeper into the Silver Age!   Scott Hudlow