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Re: Wondercon

On Mon, 19 Apr 1999 01:47:25 EDT, SHudlow@aol.com wrote:

>Got to see and talk to Mark Evanier at Wondercon in Oakland, California this 
>afternoon.  He graciously signed my Groos, Fanboy, and DNAgents, a recent 
>acquistion!  He also stated that would be willing to sign any books that are 
>sent to him, and would get Sergio to sign them for return postage!  What a 
>nice offer!  Hopefully, Mark will confirm this offer, when he gets home from 
>the convention!

ME: I'm home...and the offer stands but with one note: Things do get
lost in the mail so we're not responsible for anything you send us to

Nice meeting you, too.
Mark Evanier's e-mail address is: me@evanier.com
OFFICE: 363 S. Fairfax Ave., #303 - Los Angeles, CA 90036