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Re: Shanes' Treasures...

The Grossmanns wrote:
> Because I don't really CARE that I don't have an Original Groo
> Sketch Card, that I'll probably never get one,  and that I
> will....will...n-n-n-never have c-c-c-compl-pl-plete Groo C-C-Card
> Coll..(sniff)..(swallow)...CollECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....BAW-wah-wah-wah!!
I feel for you gary.
sniff sniff.
What's a poor dessesbo to do, right?

I wish I could get something printed in groo grams too.
I'll have to keep trying.

Also, Jackie Chan does rock!
(and being a fan since way back, living in asia and all, what can I

FaQ thing:
I don't think it's too mean. I think it's fine just the way it is. :)

Lunch box:
The problem really is whether or not the local shops will be ordering
What's this? A groo lunch box-action figure curse?

That's about it for now.

Hey! bring something back now.
Maybe some european mulch.

Would it be okay if I just sent you the originals of the "dinner at
uni's" strip? Unless, of course, gary wants it too.