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Re: Sergio in Spain? (for M.E.)

On Mon, 19 Apr 1999 12:00:42 +0200, Ktulu
<ktulu@clientes.euskaltel.es> wrote:

>Next month there will be the Salon Internacional del Comic in Barcelona,
>the most important comic convention here in Spain.
>I've heard that Sergio is going to come again to Spain to that
>convention with the Planeta de Agostini editorial, but it's not a
>confirmed information.
>Do you know something about it?
>If so... hey Mark, take some holidays and come to Spain with Sergio,
>it'd be great...

ME: I believe Sergio is trying to firm up his plans to attend.  So
he's probable but not definite.

I'm sure Spain is a lovely place but I have never left this continent
and I don't intend to start now.  I'm just not a world traveller...but
I appreciate the thought.
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