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Re: M.E. not a traveller...

You'd have to taste the spanish gastronomy, Mark. Ask Sergio about it, I'm sure that
he remembers it very well. And we have some of the best cheeses of Europe!
Greetings from Spain,


Mark Evanier escribió:

> On Mon, 19 Apr 1999 15:50:27 +0200, Joe Fricano
> <oddman@hyperisland.se> wrote:
> >I guess this means I´ll have to get off o my butt and move to L.A. (and work in
> >movies just like I always wanted) if I´m ever to meet all of the Groo Crew
> >. I can run away and meet M.E. , Sergio, Stan and Tom between takes.
> ME: I do travel...just got back from Oakland, and I regularly commute
> to New York and Las Vegas.
> But I get incredibly bored on airplanes so I don't like long trips.
> And I have a rather stunning array of food allergies that could make
> it difficult to get a safe meal in a foreign country.  And I can't be
> out of touch with my "business" for very long.  So I don't venture
> outside the U.S. of A.
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