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Groo Grams, Nicaragua, the usual

I don't know if the MegaGroopers (and you know who you are...as does 
everybody else) know this, but we have a celebrity in our midst.  The real & 
true Kim Yeoman (she is known among us as Muslin Crow) of Groo Grams fame.  

You know, I was really starting worry about Ember.  I figured he was fighting 
for the people's freedom in Nicaragua, battling drug runners, guerillas and 
an oppressive totalitarian government alike, with nothing but his wits and a 
stylish pair of boots.

For all you people who're green with envy about my second printing in Groo 
Grams, this:

Did you even read my letter?  PLEASE!  Mark only printed it for the reason 
stated, that it took up space in his letter col.  I mean, he even printed 
that chain-letter thing TWICE because he was so desperate for filler.  Last 
month he plagiarized the almanac.  So what I'm saying is:  If you want to get 
printed just send Mark a darn letter.  And remember, this is advice from an 
expert, who's been printed in Groo Grams twice.  I mean I'm no Kim Yeoman, 
but still......  

AND you'll note that I sent my letter via email, the cheap, easy and lazy way 
to do things.  I just put "Submission to Groo Grams" in the subject line.  
That means you could write a Groo Gram as soon as you read this. You could do 
it right now. Do it now. Now now now.  And, for you 'logical' thinkers who 
say.  "Um, crazy freak..er..I mean TGD, there's no Groo for my letter to be 
printed in.." I say: But there will be....and remember a comic book gets put 
together months before it ships.  So if you want your letter in the next Groo 
#1, send it now.


PS Who's Ember?

PPS:  Now that I think about it though,  having a lot of people send entrires 
kinda de-ensures the absolutness of getting on person's letter printed. 
Hmmmm.. a paradox, time to ponder.

PPPS:  I just finished putting all my Groos in those great resealable kind of 
comc bags [vastly superior to 'normal' bags], and boy do they look neat all 
lined up.  Anyway I found out I have doubles for Epics #s 6, 10 and 15.  So 
for anyone who needs them [like I need #s 95, 96 and 105] , they're yours for 
the asking.

PPPPS:  I had a GREAT idea for the new Groo.com, but I forgot.  Why is it 
Groo.COM any way?  What're you selling?

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?