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Grooper Dreams

I had this really weird dream last night. I woke up in the middle of the
night and wrote it down so I could send it to you.
We were all at Gary's house, Ruben was sitting in the kichen eating old
leftover turkey out of the refridgerator, Nate was watching TV in the
living room, some old black and white movie, Bubble and Squirrel were
playing on the swings in the back yard, and Larry and I were hiding in
the back of the linen closet planning a gag wherein we had to make these
things (? I really don't know what they were) out of wire coat hangers
and long strips of foam. Pretty weird, huh? Especially since I've never
really seen any of you...


P.S. Thanks for the screen notes. That wasn't my problem, but I'm going
to see if I can get in now.