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Re: Stuff

McWhorter, Michael D. SFC wrote:

> I am looking for IG 5, 7, 9 of the card set anyone know where I can acquire
> them?   Also I am looking for Sergio Massacres Marvel.  Also anyone remember
> the web site that has the Groo Catalog, it was in a back issue of Groo mini
> series but I am far away from them here in Korea.

	For IG cards, it seems like the best place to find them is on Ebay at
www.ebay.com -- be prepared to pay a premium though.
	For back issues, try ebay also, or search some of the on-line comic
shops like www.milehighcomics.com
	I think the Groo catalogue you seek is at www.groo.com -- the site is
being re-vanmped by some great Groo Phillistines, but I beleive the
catalogue is still up and running.

All best,