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G&R4 (spoilers)

There are spoilers coming....



last chance.....

OK.  Yeaaaaaay! Good ending.  And could I call it or what?  Groo didn't set
foot in the "real world".  I do have one comment:  Rufferto made quite a
big deal about real world folks killing each other.  I see no real
difference between violent death in GROO's world and violent death in the
real world where Rufferto is concerned.  He's around mass violence all the
time.  (and participates.) Only the methods differed. I could understand
all his other points about the environment etc.   Anywhoo.....  Great cover
colors as usual.   (Insides good too, but the covers are the real digital
coloring jewels.).  .... Rufferto's buddy's name was "Pippi"?  Pippi?
There's gotta be a reason for that.  ME, is he named after an old pet or
something?  Also, when does that whole DH, "Maverick" thing kick in?  Next
series?  And when do we find out what you/Sergio's next project is
called/about?  You know, I never asked this many questions in my Groo grams

And I hope everybody saw the ad for CODEX ARCANA (DHP142) The tribute to HP
Lovecraft. You know it's funny... see, I jog every week in the great old
cemetary (pre civil war) where HP is permanently residing.  (The most
beautiful place in my state IMHO)  You should see the bizarre gifts people
leave for him!  There are also alleged black masses there on Halloween...
And I'm lucky enough to walk streets that haven't changed much since HP
walked them.  There's quite a historical district in RI.  So you could say
that I have a first hand knowledge of the environment that influenced the
whole Cthulhu mythos & Arkham etc.  And that ad (MIgnola art)  really gives
a perfect simple, disturbing feeling.... Mignola did his homework, cuz I've
been in many houses still preserved by historical societies from HP's time
( there are maaany in the college districts)... and damned if I don't feel
like I've been in that room... you can almost smell the dust and old
lace....  I'm looking forward to that comic.

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