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Re: Sergio in Spain? (for M.E.)

Ktulu wrote:

> Azamin "Cantona" Zainol Abidin escribió:
> > > I've heard that Sergio is going to come again to Spain to that
> > > convention with the Planeta de Agostini editorial, but it's not a
> > > confirmed information.
> >
> > You should write "Sergio is  comming 'back' to Spain"
> >
> And you should write "Sergio is coMing 'back' to Spain"
> I think it's not very polite to correct people's mistakes, and first
> you'd must look at what you write before you start correcting any other
> people.
> Thanks for your english lessons anyway...

it is not your English, I know we are in a multinational forum.  As we all
know Sergio was born in SPAIN (Castellon) and moved to America (Mexico) (so
he is a Spanish by birth) so he is coming BACK to SPAIN, not going/coming
to SPAIN.  You should be proud that you have some similarities with
Sergio.  (I wonder if he still holdding a SPANISH passport/citizenship)


> PS: Sorry to all, my english is not as good as I'd like.

I'm in the same level as you are in term of English language.

Anyway that comMing was a typing error, I pressed the M twice.