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Groo Pads!!!!!! (and Groo Count)

Hi Folks!

My Groo Pads are here!!  WhooHoo!!!  Major Kudos to Sparky UrineToast and
his faithful companion, Dognuts!  Man, you guys are good!  

btw, Vaughn, the reason the battle scene looks good on its side is because
that's the way the drawing is actually supposed to go!  See Groo Epic Cover
#6.  But because of the cleverness of Sergio and Nate, it looks cool both

btw2, With the two Groo Pads and G&R #4, MAD Magazine #381, and the weekly
edition of The Sun in beautiful Malaysia, The Official Unofficial Groo List
Count has topped 1000 items!!!!  (Ding, Ding, Ding!)   Here's a summary:

Original Groo Adventures 		156 				
Groo Reprints                		  16                   			
International Groo (known)	150 				                                        
Groo Merchandise & Misc.     	  78				
Groo Cards (Reg. & IG)    	  	162				
Groo in MAD Magazine   	  	  64              			
Malaysian Newspaper Reprints  	244			
Other Original Groo Appear.  	133				
TOTAL                       		1003  

The truly deranged can e-mail me for details.  Take care all -Gary G.