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#1 Groo's, Uni Dreams & TGD

Hi Folks!

First off, sorry Chris.  I guess I threw the word "dumb" around a little
too freely.  I'm just very envious of folks who can speak more than one
language when I can't, especially since I am theoretically a "well
educated" person.  Someday I need to learn Spanish. 

One of the running gags perpetuated by Mark & Sergio is Sergio's desire to
have as many #1 Groos as possible.  So far, there have been 6 Domestic
#1's.  But here is a list of all the #1's from every country: (sorry if
they get out of line in cyberspace-play with ther tab spacer) 

1.USA	              	Groo the Wanderer	   #1    	Pacific       	Dec. 	1982 
2.		Groo the Wanderer Spec.	   #1     	Eclipse       	Oct. 	1984
3.		Groo the Wanderer	   #1    	Epic/Marvel   	Mar. 	1985    
4.		Groo			   #1    	Image         	Dec. 	1994    
5.		Groo (Mini-Series No.1)	   #1    	Dark Horse    	Jan. 	1998   
6.		Groo & Rufferto (MS No.2)   #1	Dark Horse    	Dec. 	1998  
7.DENMARK 	Groo Barbaren    		   #1	Semic 		 	1984
8.FINLAND  	Urho Epaonnensoturi   	   #1	Semic OY		1984
9.	  	Urho Epaonnensoturi	   #1	Semic OY		1985
10.SWEDEN 	Groo Svardbararen         	   #1	Semic AB		1984
11.  		Groo Svardbararen	   #1	Semic AB		1985
12.  		Groo Svardbararen (HC) 	   #1     	Semic AB		1989
13.NORWAY* 	Groo Sverdsvingeren             #1	Semic AS		1984
14.  		Groo Sverdsvingeren        	   #1	Semic AS		1990
15.  		Groo Sverdsvingeren        	   #1	Semic AS		1991
16.FRANCE 	Groo Le Barbare  (HC)	   #1   	Zenda			1991
17.GERMANY 	Groo der Wanderer         	   #1				1984
18.  		Groo der Blahbar           	   #1				1990
19.BRAZIL 	Groo O Errante            	   #1 	Abril			1990
20.  		Groo O Errante             	   #1	Abril			1998
21.SPAIN 	Groonan El Vagabundo 	   #1	Forum			1987
22. 		Groo the Wanderer          	   #1	Forum			1991
23.   		Groo O Errante      	   #1	Planeta-Agostini		1999
24.TURKEY 	Groo en Barbar		   #1	Alfa			1989

*From 1992-1994, Groo was one of the main features in "Humor Paraden", of
which there were three #1's.  

Uni, I'm not sure how me or my house can be in your dream when you have no
idea what I look like, but my subconscious is flattered by your
subconscious.  Actually, even though I live in the opposite corner of the
country, you would feel right at home.  I don't have 5 tons of mulch, but I
do have a suspect septic system, which has the potential to be aromatically
the same.  I could also take you to a mushroom farm across town.   btw, who
drew my house with the barbed wire and bunny heads when we had the Umberto
thing going? 

That guy Daniel:  Re your comment about how easy it is to get in Groo
Grams.  Well, thanks a lot Danny Boy!  Make us feel even worse.  Not only
are our letters not good enough to get in Groo Grams, they are sooooooooo
lame, Mark would rather put in your little letter and repeat Phillipe's
(aka Book). Yeah, I feel a lot better now Mr.That Guy Daniel Two Letters
Smarty Pants!   

Hey, I'd love to comment on Nate's comments about G&R #$, but I'd like to
wait for more folks to get it rather than warn people about spoilers.  Let
us know when you out of the way folks get it.  Take care all -Gary G.  

Anyway, I thought Groo & Rufferto