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Groo Buttons

Hi again.  Well, I looked at the cost of making the buttons and I managed to 
cut off a full dollar each (I got a deal on the buttons themselves from a 
different source).  This leaves $3.50 for each, which would be the minimum I 
can get it to, there is no profit here.  I am just trying to get what I think 
is a cool Groo item to other Groo fans.  If I can get it authorized to sell 
at cost of production + shipping, I would be glad to do that.  I agree only a 
quality product should have Groo on it.  If anybody wants one, e-mail me and 
tell me who you want on it, they are completely custom.  I can send pictures 
to people on an individual basis so it will not fill everybody's e-mail with 
unwanted pictures.


I hope I am not erring again...