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Groo Stuff from M.E.

Got the Groo Pads yesterday.  Fine job, Nate and Ruben...except that,
for some reason, my mouse is sinking.

To everyone: Please don't spend too much time thinking about other
Groo items like this.  Sergio was nice enough to okay the mouse pads
but I don't think we'll be approving too many more things of this

Sergio and I will both be Guests of Honor at this year's ComicCon
International.  There will be a Groo/Fanboy panel, probably on Friday
afternoon.  By popular request, we will be reviving the stunt we used
to do at conventions...creating an entire GROO page in front of the
audience in under five minutes.  There will also be a reading (by
M.E.) of some Groo poetry that didn't make it into print.

There will also probably be separate events focusing on us, covering
our individual work...and I'll be moderating about six other panels.

More info as we get closer.
Mark Evanier's e-mail address is: me@evanier.com
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