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Re: Quick Groo News from M.E.

>The orders on THE GROO HOUNDBOOK are strong enough that Dark Horse
>wants to go ahead with more paperbacks reprinting the Epic issues.
>So expect THE GROO INFERNO in October...and THE GROO JAMBOREE a few
>months after that.

This is good news, indeed.  However, I have been unable to locate the 
"Groo Dynasty".  The "Dynasty" is the only one I don't have and if 
anyone spots one somewhere, I'd be eternally grateful if you could 
drop me a note.
I'm also missing a few of the t-shirts and a couple of the posters, 
including the promotional ones.  I'd like to find that Amazing Heroes 
#61 as well.
Gary, did you purchase the heavy wool and leather embroidered Groo 
jacket and Rufferto polo shirts that were offered by Rapid Eye 
Entertainment a  while back?  I'm betting you have them but if so, 
what colors did you get?  (If you got one of each color, you are a 
sick, sad, man and I am envious of you)

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