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RE: Quick Groo News from M.E.

Do you know where that catalogue is located on the web.  I had it once but
the wife threw it away.

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> Sent:	Friday, April 23, 1999 11:57 AM
> To:	Finn Smith; groop@groo.com
> Subject:	Re: Quick Groo News from M.E.
> Eek!  A 5 post day.  Well, at least they are short.
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> > From: Finn Smith: 
> > Gary, did you purchase the heavy wool and leather embroidered Groo 
> > jacket and Rufferto polo shirts that were offered by Rapid Eye 
> > Entertainment a  while back?  I'm betting you have them but if so, 
> > what colors did you get?  (If you got one of each color, you are a 
> > sick, sad, man and I am envious of you)
> At my wife's suggestion, I got the wool (no leather) jacket instead of the
> nylon .  It has the Green Dragon on the back and that's the only way that
> one came.  I have one polo shirt with Rufferto, one with the Groo logo,
> one
> Rufferto cap (beanie), two baseball caps with the Groo logo, and the "Groo
> Thinking" sweatshirt.  I wear them on rare occaisions, except for one of
> the baseball hats which I wear all the time, so as not to wear them out
> and
> I just love the looks I get!  Especially with the Rufferto polo shirt!  
> And, yes, I am a sick, sick man.  
> Take care -Gary G.