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Consolidated post!

I got my groopads two days ago!! Huzzah!

I enjoyed reading G&R4, same great stuff.

Hooray for more Groo TPB's(btw, if anybody has access to any of them, I would 
like to purchase them(except the Adventurer))

To Gary:  Thanks for the list.

Can't wait for the next work of art done by Sergio and Mark.
The whole action figure/lunch box/watch thing is extremely cool.  I would buy 
those things the second I saw them.

Ta ta for now,


PS. -- M.E. said that orders were strog enough for the Houndbook to allow for 
more in the future.  I figure if everyone in this Groop, lurkers included, 
ordered one, then we could get any groo merchandise we wanted. Yay!