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Re: Dieter's Unit/Guitar/Pads

Nate Piekos wrote:
> ~~~~ Ruben tried to make me wait to tell you about this.... but here
> goes..... the Groopads are scratch n' sniff.  That's right..... take your
> groopad to a public place and scratch scratch, scratch until you smell the
> picante aroma of cheesedip, or the heady essence of mulch.... since we got
> them made at such a low cost, it might take a lot of scratching and
> cursing.... but don't give up hope! Keep at it until the police get there!
> Sorry Rube, I had to tell them.

	Well, I guess that's ok.  BUT, you missed one important point -- you
have to scratch them with your toe nails.  Really, folks, it does work.  

	BTW, the Groopads were sold on a strictly 'as is' basis, and no refund
or warranty is offered or implied, either explicitly or implicitly, by
any e-mails or any other communications by it's creators Ruben "Dognuts"
Arellano and Nate "Sparky" Piekos.  The distributors take no
responsibility whatsoever for any damages, whether direct or indirect,
to any persons, equipment, or software that may come in contact, either
intentional or otherwise, with the distributed Groopads.  Same goes for
sinking ships, computer mice, or houses.