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Re: Groopads 32/133 & 33/132

Hey you know what?
I think that battle scene is actually supposed to be oriented vertically..
like look that one guys spear is breaking on the Ground. It makes more
sense to have Groo pressed up against the ground then flying through the
air too.

Also one bad thing.. you could see the 100/132 from the back of the other
pad on the front of my battle one. :(


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On Thu, 22 Apr 1999, Vaughn H. Seward wrote:

> My groopads arrived today in the mail (battle-32/132 & ladder-33/132).
> Thanks Ruben (and Nate)!
> I just noticed a weird thing... I always orient my mouse pad vertically (to
> save desk area)... it occured to me when they arrived that everyone else
> probably uses a horizontal orientation. In the pad with the battle scene it
> actually looks just as cool. But in the ladder scene, though, it looks a
> bit odd.   (O:
> Thanks again,
> ~Vaughn
> At 15/04/99 03:02 PM , you wrote:
> >Hi folks:
> >
> >	As you know, the groopads will be in the mail this afternoon.
> >