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Re: the thing we call the groop....

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From: the Knight Who Says Cheese Dip <Sorath666@geocities.com>
To: Groop@groo.com <Groop@groo.com>
Date: Friday, April 23, 1999 3:49 PM
Subject: the thing we call the groop....

>time to stop and think. pause and consider.

Or we could just hack an inspired post to ribbons for the sake of sharing
trivia.  Whaddayasay?  :)

>Ah yes, here is also a certain
>someone who finds it amusing to mock the honorable Communist
>Ocelot Militia (i gave no idea what that is supposed to mean
>actually, I understand two out of three words... not bad in
>my book)....

"Communism" is either a philosophy, a system of government, or a palpable
menace poised to crush our freedom-loving democratic state, depending on who
you ask.  "Ocelots" are solitary wildcats from Patagonia and Texas.  How a
solitary hunter can be communist is beyond me, but that's a matter for
armchair zoologists.  A "militia" is a group of wackos with guns that is
larger than a "posse" and smaller than a "Garth Brooks concert".

Glad to be of assistance ;)