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eBay security threat

Hi groopies/pers,

I've been lurking lately, but I know a lot of you use eBay to place
bids and get Groo stuff (or even, can you believe it, some things
unrelated to Groo).

**WARNING: what follows is not (I hope so) a cheap "good times virus" joke**

Apparently (though I could not find information on this on the eBay site),
a dangerous exploit exists that can let people get your login/password
when you bid on an "infected" item.

It works with a bit of JavaScript included in the item description...

Before turning paranoid, go the ebayla (that the program name) web site
and find for yourself if I have been fooled (what do you mean, slow of
mind?), or if this could be a real danger for you...

Other info :

Hope this helps.

 Philippe BRUHAT - BooK                        http://www2.ec-lille.fr/~book/

 Small disasters cause panic. Panic causes large disasters.
                                    (Moral from Groo The Wanderer #37 (Epic))